The garden is a relaxing space in your home or condominium, but keeping it perfect is not easy. For this reason, most people who own a garden house decide to hire experienced gardeners or gardener to take care of this task.

If you have the necessary professional qualifications and you are looking for a job as a home gardener, in this article we will summarize the main tasks required for the care of private gardens.

What a gardener does

It often happens to see the gardening service confused with that of architecture and landscape design. Although the industry may seem similar, the tasks are not the same and require different skills.

  • The landscape architecture involves the planning and creation of an outdoor green space: this task includes the choice of plants and trees to plant, lawns to care for, but also the design of paths, water features and fences.
  • gardening , on the other hand, concerns the design, planning and maintenance of plants in a green space. Gardeners take care of planting, weeding, cultivating, replacing plants and eventually harvesting their fruits.

The duties included in a private gardener service vary according to the green space to be cared for, its size and its location.

In general, these are the macro-areas of intervention that you will need to take care of as a gardener or gardener:

  • Maintenance of lawns and other green spaces;
  • Floral arrangements according to the season;
  • Monitoring and care of plant health.
  • Weeding and mowing lawns;
  • Planting flowers or new plants;
  • Trimming and designing hedges;
  • Caring for flower beds and maintaining clean green spaces.

Depending on the green space you will be taking care of, you may also offer:

  • A horticulture service;
  • Forest maintenance;
  • Maintenance of fences or certain garden furniture;
  • Garden tool repair service.

What are the ideal characteristics of the gardener or gardener at home?

As we have seen, the skills of a private gardener can range from simple care of lawns or flowers to horticulture and repairs.

This means that among the ideal characteristics of a private gardener there is, first of all, the love for nature and for working outdoors.

Yet this may not be enough. Those who own a garden and require a home gardening service usually look for a person with these characteristics:

  • Experience in the care of plants and flowers and in gardening techniques to make them grow at their best (mulching, grafting, cuttings, pruning, etc.); & nbsp;
  • A good knowledge of horticulture , depending on of the role and space to take care of;
  • Ability to use and take care of the maintenance of gardening tools , such as lawnmowers, brush cutters and leaf sweepers;
  • A large work ethic ;
  • The willingness to work outdoors , in any weather condition;
  • Flexibility and the ability to work both independently and with other people;
  • A long-term vision , given that gardening is an art that can take a long time to produce the desired results;
  • Having a diploma or a specialisation in horticulture is not mandatory but can add prestige to your resume.

How much does a private gardener work?

Home gardener work can be done both full-time and part-time . You can work for several clients and take care of several gardens a week, or dedicate yourself to the care of the greenery for a single large client.

Usually, spring and summer are the seasons when the demand for home gardening services increases: take this into account to organize your daily schedule and your working calendar.

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Have a nice job!

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